Getting married sure is like starting a whole new chapter in life but what makes the experience less daunting and more exciting is the whole new trousseau that every bride takes with her. It’s a part of the preparations in more ways than one can imagine and in fact, is probably the only aspect that takes as long as planning the wedding. With the trousseau meticulously put together over months, the biggest question most brides have to face is ‘how should this be sorted & beautifully packaged?’ Today, we tackle exactly that. We’ve found you a cheat sheet of our favourite trousseau wrap-ists and trust us when we say these guys make magic! Want your packaging to match with the hues of your outfits? Want to keep it seasonal? Want something classic so you can re-use the packaging? Well, with these guys all you have to do is ask! Let’s find out who they are.



  1. 1. Budluv Floral Craft

2. Confetti By Priyanka & Priyal

3. Regaalo by Karishma Mirchandani 

4. Varsha Talsania – Wrap Love Repeat

5. The Gifting Atelier

6. Anjalli Bhagnani – Wrapping Bells

7. Wrap Away

8. DIY with Krittika

9. Gifts Tell All

10. Floral Affair