These bags are the ones you can use on your bachelorette, wedding day, honeymoon and even post that. The true IT Bags of the season, we take you through luxury bags that every bride to be must consider. From itty bitty trend driven pieces, to some evergreen classics, this list covers it all. Get ready to feast your eyes and then make a run to the nearest store!

Peekaboo X-Lite Large By Fendi

Image Source: Fendi

Jacquemus Le Chiquitos

Image Source: The Blonde Salad 

Prada Sidonie Crossbody Bag

Image Source: Pinterest

Fendi Flip Large

Image Source: Fendi

Becky Small Chain Bag by YSL

Image Source: YSL

Le sac Tressé

Image Source: Jauquemus

Elleme Raisin and Baozi Bags

Image Source: Pinterest

The Small GV3 Bag by Givenchy

Image Source: Givenchy

Puzzle Bag by Loewe

Image Source: Loewe

The Belt Bag by Burberry

Image Source: Burberry

The Title Bag by Burberry

Image Source: Burberry

Belted Monogram Print Leather TB Bag

Image Source: Burberry

Dior 30 Montaigne Sling

Image Source: Dior

Gucci 1955 Horsebit Bag

Image Source: Gucci

Gucci Black GG Chevron Matelasse Marmont Belt Bag

Image Source: Gucci

Aby Chain Shoulder Bag by Chloé

Image Source: Chloé