Had the best time with your girls but got back home with the worst tan? Fret not, we’re here to discuss just that today! Removing a tan can be a cumbersome process, but not when you follow a religious regimen. Please note that you must consult your dermatologist before trying any of these, be it a home remedy or a chemical procedure. It is very subjective and depends on a lot of factors like your skin type, how sensitive your skin is etc. With that warning aside, let’s understand what are some household favourites that can be used to get rid of your tan

1. Use A Cucumber Facemask

2. Use A Citrus (Lemon/Orange Peel) + Honey Facemask

3. Physical Exfoliation & Chemical Peels With Your Dermat

4. Hydration With A Black Tea Face Mist

5. A Milk Cream Facemask

6. A Starchy Potato Slice

7. The Good Old Desi Turmeric Facemask

8. Microdermabrasion After Consulting Your Dermat

9. Aloe Vera Gel & Products Containing It

10. Tomato + Rice Flour Mask