If there was a certain something that every wedding should consider, it has to be the safe keeping of the environment. One way of doing that and encouraging others to do the same is through your wedding favours. In todays day and age there exist a wide variety of gifts that are amazing while caring for the environment. Choose between handmade products or eatables, the options are endless. Scroll to find out about out top ten eco-friendly favours

1. Handmade Candles

2. A Scented Bath Kit

3. Throw Blankets

4. Succulents Or Plants

5. Plantable Seed Kit

6. Natural Tea Blends

7. Nut Assortment Jars

8. A Flavoured Popcorn Jar Bar

9. A Jar Of Love & Care, A Jar Of Homemade Jam

10. Lusciously Golden Raw Honey

All Images Sourced From: Pinterest