For us at ANMOL, art is transforming pieces of adornment into masterpieces and what distinguishes a masterpiece from a piece of adornment is the timelessness of the ‘Design’.

 Our design aesthetic is timeless and elegant and that combination has made us a favourite of Bollywood brides like Shilpa Shetty, Lara Dutta, Malaika Arora, Urvashi Sharma & Preeti Jhangiani

I believe the bridal jewellery trend to look forward in the post-Covid era will be that of classic diamond jewellery and gold jewellery.


Elegantly designed classic diamond jewellery is a testimony to the enduring magic of the most magnificent of gems – Diamonds – and brilliantly captures the qualities of beauty & timelessness.

When it comes to gold jewellery in India, temple jewellery has been quite popular amongst the brides. Temple jewellery is classic and timeless and has made its way into the world of trousseau & heirloom pieces. The intricate craftsmanship & design element of temple jewellery adds to its overall value.

Polki jewellery is considered valuable as an heirloom that can be passed down generations and has heritage value to it. It comes with a story, emotions and evokes a feeling of nostalgia. Hence, many brides prefer wearing heirloom jewellery which has been passed on to them. It is classic & timeless and gives a very regal look to a bride with its vintage & aristocratic charm. Its value can only be measured with time. In fact, the value of centuries-old antique polki jewellery appreciates with time.

An elaborate choker is a must-have for brides. A bride can go for a choker with a layered necklace or combine an ethnic choker with a long Maharani haar for a regal look. A diamond choker with a single coloured gemstone like emerald or rubies, on the other hand, gives a very classy & elegant look.


The modern brides look for design-oriented, versatile & statement jewellery which compliments both modern and traditional silhouettes and can be worn in different ways for different occasions even after the wedding. They don’t prefer heavy jewellery pieces which remain locked away, but look for more light-weight and wearable jewellery. Some brides go for modular or detachable jewellery since it gives them the option to break-down their expensive and heavy bridal jewellery into lighter components.

Bridal accessories like haathphool, armbands, waistbands and hair accessories have evolved to a great extent to suit the taste of a modern bride and are definitely seeing a comeback. A bride can wear one stunning bridal accessory like an intricate hair-ornament, an oversized nose ring, a distinct armband, a waistband or an elaborate haathphool complimenting her trousseau to give a traditional opulent look.


Jewellery is valuable and an asset for a lifetime. Hence it is important for a bride to go for something which is timeless and classic and will not look old and dated after 15-20 years.