Behind every happy bride is a happier bridesmaid. It’s a moment of sheer joy to see your bestie at the altar but it’s never complete if your skin doesn’t feel just as happy too. We may all make it to that facial appointment at the very last minute but it’s the manicures, pedicures and body massages that take a back seat. As a bridesmaid on her toes, it’s of priority to look like an absolute Bollywood diva in gleaming skin even while running a hundred errands. Give yourself that much needed me-time and begin step by step when you have a few months in hand.


Think in the direction of soaking salts, body oils, in-shower oils, toners, scrubs, lotions replete with relaxing scented candles for that whole home spa experience. There is no looking back once you begin because you have no idea how truly addictive self-pampering sessions can be. We have our curated set of favorites that you can now shop too. Go ahead and read on while raising a toast to us girls who give our all to make sure our bridey has the ride of her life!


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