Pinch me somebody! Are we really down to the last two months of this glorious year, 2018? Brides today are setting trends like never before and this year played host to some of the most stylish brides to date. Be it stunning pastel mehendi outfits or the quintessential red lehenga, the sought after Sabyas or the experimental silhouettes, there’s magic in every bride and the wedding day is truly a time every girl looks her best. From getting a taste of going viral on Instagram to winning hearts all over, these bunch of girls made 2018 their year and how. There’s nothing we’d change about their bridal looks across events, so here go our top picks

Image Source: Shutter Down Photography


Image Source: Nadia D Photo


Image Source: Badal Raja Company


Image Source: Royal Affair Weddings


Image Source: Wedding Story


Image Source: Nitisha Arora


Image Source: Wedding Nama


Image Source: Reels & Frames


Image Source: Doll You Up By S


 Image Source: Pakkhi Pahuja


Image Source: Artfoto Studios


Image Source: Gautam Khullar


Image Source: Recall Pictures


Image Source: Doll You Up By S


Image Source: PK Suri