Ever imagined living in a Rom Com movie? This couple not only lives in one but managed to get married in paradise, making everyone around them reach for a pint of ice-cream and tissue boxes. This intimate lockdown wedding takes place in Hawaii & after knowing the details, all of us just wish to have a wedding even remotely as close to theirs


How They Met

“Two years ago we were introduced by a common friend at some social gathering but i didn’t remember that introduction at all. So the next time my husband saw me was at a party.. he walked right up to me on the dance floor and acted like he was my best friend. I was like – who is this guy again? And then thought to myself “What the hell.. he’s cute, let’s explore! ” We got along like a house on fire and that very same night we spoke for three hours. After that we went on several creative creative dates and before we knew it we were officially dating. They’re absolutely correct when they say ” the right person will walk into your life & you’ll have no idea from where he’ll come from”. My experience was truly mystic and magical.”


The Wedding

We hope you have a box of tissues handy before you go on to read about their magical paradise wedding!

“ After almost a year of dating and traveling the world together, we had a the cutest city hall wedding in New York in the month of February. Post that we came to Hawaii for a holiday, to visit some of his family members and during our vacation here we realised that the pandemic situation in New York was getting pretty bad. We were in this beautiful island of Oahu and we just decided to stay on, almost like an extended honeymoon. It’s been four months now and we’re still in paradise and we don’t feel like going back. Since we were going to be here a little longer and my husband’s family was here too, we decided to do our Indian wedding ceremony right here instead of waiting to go back to Delhi, given these uncertain times. There couldn’t have been a more beautiful venue, we got married by the Ocean, witnessed the sunset and it was stunning. It was surreal”


About The Vendors

We’re sure you are as intrigued as us to know about the people who organised their wedding and all about their culture, worry not for our bride explains all of it wonderfully,

“People in Hawaii are very warm and hospitable – they call it the spirit of Aloha. The flower vendor would ask you several times about the colours & variety.. was very particular about wanting pictures and references. They’re so caring, helpful and happy to cater to your needs – they really make you feel special. The videographer & the photographer were so patient, I think it’s just the Hawaiian culture, they’re just friendly, simple & jovial people. They’re never in a hurry, believe in attention to detail and will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Thanks to all the efforts put in by them and their dedication to make everything perfect – the whole function had this vibe of being easy and calm with no stress.. everyone was in a great mood! The Hawaiians really have their own way of doing weddings &’s something to remember and learn from. A big thank you to them for making this a fairy tale wedding!”

The Chura Ceremony

The Wedding

With a ceremony that’s so intimate & meaningful, against a backdrop that’s straight out of a painting – their wedding is truly unforgettable . All of it worked out beautifully and this lockdown wedding is sure to teach us that marrying the love of your life is the biggest celebration in itself, everything else is secondary.


Wedding Vendors

Makeup: The Bride Herself | Hair: Face Art Beauty | Photos: Eugene Kam Photography | Decor: Todd Oshiro



Brides Outfit: Siddhartha Tyler | Grooms Outfit: Saint