Welcome to the real wedding of Tanvi & Adam who met on the very first day of class, sat next to each other, and the rest is history!


Their Story

Adam and I met at the University of Cincinnati where we got our Masters in Architecture together. Throughout the first semester at grad school, our friendship grew during long conversations about design, music, family, and culture. By the end of it, we were dating. I think everyone saw that coming from a mile away. All this time in studio from deep conversations and all-nighters to vending machine trips and design critiques forged a deep connection between us that I think is really special. In the few months before we started dating, we spent quite literally every waking hour together, and we got to see the best and worst of each other. I think this really strengthened our relationship and confirmed our compatibility before we dove in.”

The Venue

“Adam and I had two wedding ceremonies – we had a traditional Indian wedding in Solapur, followed by a white wedding in the US a month later to honour both our heritage and to be able to include our families in all the festivities.

As a family, we have always enjoyed going to hotel Balaji Sarovar Premiere for dinners and other events. We have great relations with the staff who are extremely friendly and accommodating. My brother got married at the same venue two years ago so when it came time to pick a venue for my wedding, Sarovar was the natural choice. Their property made for a beautiful setting for our wedding and it was the perfect place to host our guests as well.”

Haldi ceremony




The Wedding Makers

Make-Up: Vinod Sarode | Planning & Decor: Ashish Bhuyan Designing & Co. | Photography & Videography: Robin Saini | Mehndi: Kamaljeet Kanjan


Brides Outfits

Mehendi: Anita Dongre | Sangeet: Anita Dongre | Wedding: Sabyasachi | Reception: Sabyasachi


Grooms Outfits

Mehendi: More Mischief | Sundowner: More Mischief | Wedding: More Mischief |  Reception: More Mischief