When the hearts of Parsi Groom and Sikh Bride melts, the world around is filled with love and happiness.

JaNi-Nu-Jashan – Yes, that’s how the bride Nitima Nanda Singh and the Groom Jahan, title their engagement and wedding celebrations. Isn’t that lovely? Let’s get to know their engaging and fascinating love story.

The dashing Groom Jahan is a native Parsi from Australia, but hails from Mumbai. The resplendent bride Nitima Nanda Singh is a Sikh from Jaipur who also works in Mumbai. Thanks to Tinder, where she met her Prince charming and added the necessary flavor to the life in Mumbai for her. She believes that the stars wished for the melting of our hearts in Mumbai, and that’s the reason why, she has stepped in against the odds of her life in Jaipur.

The bride Nitima runs an online dating website and little did she knew that her competitor app, Tinder would be a life-changing and reason of love in her life. When spoke to her about the first meet with Jahan, she instantly had a huge smile and sparkling eyes, and uttered, ‘Off the back off delightful & insightful conversations, we knew, we had to meet. Our first date went on for 4-5 hours over ice cream and took place on the auspicious day of Rakshabandhan. Jahan being a Parsi obviously didn’t understand what Rakshabandhan really meant. It still is an active joke amongst our friends. We have gone through all phases of a relationship. From dating to the romantic honeymoon phase of the relationship, to a long-distance saga and now finally in a live-in relationship. We stay with Jahan’s mum who has only helped us come closer’.

Nitima adds more, ‘Both being single parents, we really treasure, the women of our lives, the pillar of our lives – Our Mothers. They are the important threads of our life. Actually, we live-in relationship with Jahan’s mother in Mumbai.’

With intimate love and blessings of our mothers, we are happily engaged in life and become the soul mates for life. When asked Jahan, what’s next, he smiles happily and says, ‘I decided to do so as we traversed across the city’s skyline via helicopter; as a subtle ode to the city, we would call home together. I still thank my stars that she said yes, a parachute escape, if replied in the contrary would be a tad difficult! Our marriage is a celebration of the eternal love we have for each other, as well as the love we share with each other. It’s a privilege to be able to share our first official steps of a lifetime together with each other.

The engagement ceremony was a small, intimate ceremony, with our closely knitted family and friend in the Parsi style. A traditional Parsi ceremony followed by a cocktail party with family and friends.

The journey that began in a dating app, has now reached to the pinnacle, and the wedding preparations are already in full swing. And, they both as a couple believe that ‘Our marriage is a celebration of the eternal love we have for each other, as well as the love we share with each one of you. It’s a privilege to be able to share the first official steps of a lifetime together with each other’.

With just a few months away for the big day, we at Bridal Affair India wishes the couple a life, filled with happiness and surprises.