It’s a ritual that the groom must apply some Mehndi too, but where do you go for inspiration on designs ‘he’ should consider? Well, stop right here because we’ve got you seventeen fail proof designs to pick from. Begin with a mandala that universally works with just about any occasion. Once you have a base that your groom is comfortable with, add in an element of quirk. This could be your wedding date, your wedding hashtag or even your names! Lastly adorn it with anything from traditional motifs, to geometric designs or even your man’s favorite cartoon. Yes, you read that right. Although, it is the sweetest thing ever when the groom gives the bride company and goes all out with a full hand of henna! Whatever be your preference, there is a design out there just for you

A Mandala Design

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Your Wedding Hashtag

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Your Wife's Name

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Your Wedding Date & Venue

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The Bride & Groom Names

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Mythological Characters

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A Geometric Design

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A Simple Circle

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Your Favorite Cartoon

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An All Out Full Hand Of Henna

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