The Bridal Affair India team recently had a chance to sit down with the heads of one of India’s leading jewellery brands; Narayan Jewellers. We had a brief Q&A with its proud owners, Ketan and Jatin Chokshi, who discussed why jewellery is the most crucial element of a bride’s wedding outfit and how buying trends have changed in recent years.

TBAI: What are the must-have pieces for a young bride?

Ketan & Jatin: The most important piece for the wedding day is a big collar Necklace with long earrings or jhumkhas, a long set along with it, a nice pair of matching kadas, a mang tikka or pasha, nose ring with chain, a hath panja and an armlet. These are essentials which a bride simply must have, for they all come together to create a look of elegance.

TBAI: What is the process you go about when designing jewellery. Do the clothes come first or the jewellery?

Ketan & Jatin: Previously, brides used to go for clothes first, but nowadays they have understood that jewellery is more important and long lasting than clothes and hence, they go for the jewellery first. Designing is a very crucial process during which we first have a briefing session with the bride to discuss the following details:

a) The jewellery pieces she will be inheriting from her mother.

b) What are the events of the wedding and their respective themes? with day and night specifications and the magnitude of each event also being specified.

c) Her likes and dislikes for various categories of jewellery, this sometimes includes design forms and raw material as well.

Finally, we start analyzing various current trends, such as the colours which are “In” at that point in time. Based on all this information, we begin the designing process.

TBAI: What are some of the trends which have changed over the last 3 years?

Ketan & Jatin: For brides, uncut diamonds, polki and kundan jewellery are currently in demand. As for other events, either cocktail ring, earrings and/or bracelets have also become quite popular.

TBAI: Your take on the minimalistic look?

>Ketan & Jatin: No, the minimalistic look is not ideal for weddings at all, the bride is supposed to be the most important person in a wedding and it’s only fair that she dresses the part. On her special day, she should be donning the finest of jewellery, one which complements her beauty with grace.

TBAI: What should families be careful of when buying wedding jewellery?

Ketan & Jatin: Please opt for full disclosure, be thorough with the jewellery designer, take all the specifications in writing and wherever possible ask for hall markings and certifications. Also, look for the history and background of the person/company along with qualifications as that give lot of idea about their respective integrity.

TBAI: Why Narayan Jewellers? How do you stand out from other jewellers?

Ketan & Jatin: Simply put, the legacy of Narayan Jewellers is what makes us unique. Our company has been in existence for more than 75 years, a period during which we have observed the changing trends and gotten a great understanding of how wedding jewellery should be crafted for Indian weddings. This in turn has helped us to deliver innovative designs time and again.

TBAI: Any particular trend observed with NRI brides?

Ketan & Jatin: Not really, Indian brides are smarter and more up-to-date with the current trends, they also tend to be more dynamic with their designs, in comparison, NRI brides prefer minimal designs.


The Bridal Affair India team would like to extend its gratitude towards Ketan and Jatin for taking the time to share their insights with us.