Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than a bad hair or beauty day, on your wedding day. Backtracking to months of preparation looking for the perfect outfit, jewels, the one thing that will hold most importance is the perfect bridal make up look. Today, we give you tips on how you can get just that and be the bride that is most talked about


1. Decide & Book Your Make Up Artist At Least Three Months Before The Wedding

Zeroing down on the kind of bride you want to be is a decision that you as the bride can make best. It is then vital to book the right vendor and this step requires thorough research. Find best bridal makeup artists in your city & budget along with reviews from real brides on WedMeGood.

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2. Get A Trial & Test The Make Up In Different Kinds Of Lighting

Getting a make-up trial should definitely be on any brides agenda. More so. it is important that you get the trial on a day when you can test it out in different kinds of mood lighting as well as stark daylight. Because, all your events won’t be at the same time of the day or in the same kind of venue.

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3. Don’t Get Beauty Treatments Too Close To The Wedding

Often, brides want to go the extra mile with beauty treatments in order to look their best on their wedding day. This may go south if you have sensitive skin or if a product doesn’t suit you. Hence, finish off your beauty treatments a week before the wedding.

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4. Keep An Extra Hour In Hand While Giving Your Make Up Artist Her Call Time

This has to be the most important tip of all time. Its best to be the bride that was ready an hour early rather than the one who was ready two hours late.

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5. Don’t Try Out A New Salon In The Month Of Your Wedding

Destination weddings are the trend today. If you are having a destination wedding, we urge you to finish off everything down to threading and nails in your local salon with your preferred beauty specialist. This will avoid a mishap or allergic reaction of any kind.

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6. Browse To Find Out The Trending Make Up Looks

The internet is your best friend in the run-up to your wedding. Use it best to find references of make-up looks that go well with the kind of outfit and jewels you have in mind. It is a cherry on the cake if you find a make-up look you love along with the details of the artist behind it. Get inspiration from latest bridal makeup photos, save ideas and decide your look with your makeup artist.

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