Our resplendent bride with her furry bridesmaids – complete with their own co-ordinated outfits!

Photo courtesy: Colorblind Production


I love my mom so much I made sure she got me a Paithani bridesmaid outfit to match hers! Twinning and how 😊

Photo courtesy: WeddingNama


We love how the gorgeous golden retriever pupper effortlessly blends in with her pastel-favouring hoomans. No sweat!

Photo courtesy: Tushar Sareen


What happens when the coyness of the bride brushes off on her adorable lil munchkin? This! We love the ethnic look on you pupper. 😊

Photo Courtesy: Annuj Yoganathan


True Love is definitely having your doggo be a part of your mehendi design! With a dog that cute, we don’t see why not!

Photo Courtesy: Henna By Divya


Hey that’s my mommy! The gorgeous cocker spaniel seems to be supervising its hooman’s mehendi designs. That’s a tough boss to please, we think!

Photo Courtesy: Karan Sidhu Photography


Isn’t my hooman the prettiest? This cutie chihuahua looks perfectly at ease in the arms of the gorgeous mommy bride.

Photo Courtesy: AAA Movies


We are as floored by the love spilling over from Pantu’s eyes as we are in love with Mitali’s flawless look!

Photo Courtesy: WeddingNama


We think this beautiful doggo more than approves of this union! We are not getting over the cuteness in this picture anytime soon. 😊

Photo Courtesy: The Storyteller