Our co-founder Namrata Jadwani, recently tied the knot in a stunning Antalya, Turkey wedding. She is now back with a host of tips and all that she learned as she planned her wedding. Today, we dive into one of the most important subjects of a wedding, the bride and her make-up. We all have a dream make-up artist in mind and there’s always clarity on who will be doing the bride’s wedding day make-up. However, what Namrata found interesting was the fact that adding these few things to her touch-up make-up pouch were in fact what she needed the most during her nuptials. Find out what they were:

I. Lipstick: It is very important to check with your make-up artist and purchase the exact lipstick she will be using on your wedding day in advance. This comes in very handy for any sorts of touch ups and it is a must-do step for all brides to be.

II. Safety Pins: Ah! A life saver. Safety pins are the little magicians that are pinned all across your wedding day outfit to keep the drapes in place. And given the amount of movement a bride makes at her wedding, it is vital to keep a bunch of them handy for replacement or fresh use.

III. Small Perfume: Because, even after sealing the deal in front of the holy fire, it is of utmost importance to smell good. Be sure to throw in a travel sized version of your wedding perfume into your make-up pouch.

IV. Breath Spray or Chewing Gum: Our co-founder is also a dentist by profession and she cannot stress enough on how important this is. Get rid of the tiredness ,the fatigue, your lehenga weighing you down and so many other issues with a breath spray or a packet of gum that brings with it an instant burst of freshness. You can shop this here.

V. Pocket Mirror: You simply CANNOT do without a pocket mirror! Period. It will be the most used and the most asked for, at all times.

All these five trinkets go into a cute make-up pouch and never without a few blotting tissues. We hope these little things make you sail through your big day a lot more smoothly!

Bride’s Make-Up & Hair: Amrit Kaur | Photographers: Hitched & Clicked