Ojas Rajani is a name that is synonymous with makeup artistry in the Indian film industry. She is extremely sought after by the bigwigs of Bollywood and rightly so. Here, she speaks about a few tips and tricks to make your big day special!

1.Smile more!

The easiest way to look beautiful is to smile genuinely and more often! Peace of mind is extremely important because stress tends to reflect very visibly on the face. Meditation, dance and exercise helps one unwind and release tension, which in turn brings a natural glow on the face.

2. Be Confident

When your self-confidence soars it shows, and you’ll be guaranteed to make heads turn. So flaunt your strengths and don’t give your so-called ‘flaws’ a thought and half the battle is won!

3. Less is More

When it comes to makeup, less is always more. Product overuse is the easiest way to botch up your makeup, not to mention the havoc it will wreak to your pores. Keep your look minimal and squeaky clean for best results.

4. Complement, Not Match

Your eye-makeup should complement your outfit, never match it. Make sure that you understand the colour palettes that will go with the look and always do a trial beforehand.

5. Get Checked

Consulting with a dermatologist at least 6 months in advance is recommended. You will get a thorough idea of how your skin is doing and also get adequate treatment at the right time if needed.

6. Spa It Up

A hair spa regime has to be set up well in advance so that your crowning glory will have had time to absorb the nourishment. This will ensure your hair shines with health on the day of the wedding.

7. Eat healthy

Avoid junk food like the plague. Not only will it provide add empty calories to your diet, it will also make it difficult to keep the weight off. Besides which, the high fat and sodium content will result in unnecessary breakouts causing your skin to suffer.

8. Stick to Basics

When it comes to bridal makeup, using classic colour palettes are always recommended over edgy ones. A bridal look is not where one experiments with the non-conventional. Stick with the golds and the reds and you will be sorted.

9. Select Lip Colour Wisely

The lip colour you finally choose is going to make or break your entire look. Be sure to have many trials under all kinds of lighting, preferably with a sample of your outfit, to be on the safe side.

10. Glow Don’t Gleam

Make sure that your base is set well so that you don’t shine under all that light. The look to be aimed for is a gentle sheen as opposed to an oily gleam, so make sure to use the right products in the right proportions.