A five minute conversation with ace sari draper Dolly Jain will make you wonder how and why you haven’t explored this part of your ‘getting ready’ regime before. She has been a part of every celebrity wedding, every big fashion showcase and celebration there is and she has worked her magic every single time. Dolly, is behind all those otherwise fluffy organza dupattas being perfectly pleated and all those sari drapes that make you look your slimmest. She is an innovator of drapes of different kinds and her Instagram Tutorials are some of the best there are. From the Ambani’s to Sonam Kapoor, she has been an integral part of many iconic looks, bridal and otherwise. We at TBAI, had a one on one with her to bring to you five tips every bride-to-be should know about draping



1. Always Use A Double Lock Pin

Anybody who uses safety pins to drape a saree knows of the risks involved – a sudden tug or innocuous jerk can cause the pin to tear the delicate fabric it is supposed to hold together. This usually happens if some threads from the saree fabric get entangled in the spring or clasp of the safety pin. To avoid that, use a pearl or a shirt button in one end your double lock safety pins

Image Source: @dolly.jain

2. Footwear Before Sari Always

I can’t stress enough on how important this is as wearing your footwear first will immediately put you in the right posture and allow the draper to get the length of the sari or dupatta just right.

Image Source: @dolly.jain

3. Always Wear A Freshly Ironed Saree

When saris are ironed and kept away in a closet, they accumulate fold lines that are very difficult to get rid off. Therefore, it is always best to iron a sari just before it needs to be worn.

Image Source: @dolly.jain

4. Use A Hair Straightener To Align And Iron Your Pleats

This is the best hack to ensure your pleats look crisp and stay in place all day long. This trick works especially well when your sari is of a stiffer material and is more difficult to manoeuvre.

Image Source: @dolly.jain

5. Use Underarm Pads, Always

Nobody likes sweat patches on a pretty blouse. The solution to this is underarm pads, incase you can’t find an underarm pad easily you can opt for panty liners.

In case you don’t have underarm pads handy you can even use sanitary napkin or panty liners. in

Image Source: @dolly.jain