In a world of lavish and over the top weddings, come a few that go straight to the heart. One of the biggest trends in the last few years are intimate weddings and we’re all for it. The weddings in question are all about the couple and the couple only. So if you’re toying between the idea of not having a big wedding versus having one, let these weddings inspire you to discard that huge guest list and make it about you and only you!

1. Sukhmani & Anmol

Meet Sukhmani and Anmol, who met when they were 17 and ended up marrying each other 10 years later!

Image Source: Sunny Dhiman

2. Deepti & Shiyong

Meet Deepti & Shiyong! They met in Business school, started dating and got married with an intimate Rajasthan wedding

Image Source: Ankit Goel

3. Jagruti & Tushar

Meet Jagruti and Tushar who met almost a decade ago in engineering school and tied the knot with an intimate wedding.


Image Source: The Wedding Story 

4. Ishita & Aman

Meet Ishita & Aman, an engineer and doctor who met via a dating app and had an intimate Goa wedding


Image Source: House On The Clouds

5. Tanya & Vivek

Image Source: Meet Tanya and Vivek, who were in a long-distance relationship for 7 years and finally tied the knot with an intimate wedding in Lucknow and 100 guests


Image Source: We Don’t Say Cheese