To do justice for your exhaustive time spent on selecting your bridal lehenga, you must drape your Dupatta perfectly. Draping a dupatta is an art and it certainly enriches your bridal look.  There are different ways of draping your Lehenga Dupatta to magnify the beauty of your bridal lehenga. Presenting you, some of traditional and contemporary, elegant ways to drape your Lehenga Dupatta and we are sure you are going to ogle over these trending draping styles!

#1 Simple Over the Head

Simple, old-style, yet elegant way of draping. Just over the head with not much of pin ups. The free flow of dupatta depicting the sparkling exquisiteness of the Dupatta.

IMAGE COURTESY: Just over the head – dipak_studios – Mommies make the world go around!


#2 Draping like a Chunni

You can also drape your like dupatta like a chunni of a salwar. Gives the perfect ethnic touch to the lehenga when pinned perfectly.

IMAGE COURTESY: Taking like a Chunni –Anita Dongre – How purrrty is!


#3 Single Dupatta in a Gujarati Style

The most famous and authentic way of draping the single dupatta is the Gujarati style. A classic way of portraying the intricate work of the dupatta and lehenga.

IMAGE COURTESY: Single Dupatta in Gujarati Style – Preach Art!


#4 Single Dupatta like a Normal Saree

You can also drape your single dupatta like a normal saree and bring it over the head and pin it at the right places so that it does not move off the shoulder. Lehenga with a saree look!

IMAGE COURTESY: Single Dupatta like a saree – color blind production

#5 Single Dupatta V Shape

You can also opt for a traditional Punjabi look by draping the dupatta in a V shape in the front and give the country side touch to your bridal lehenga. You can choose to take it over your head or not, as per your wish.

IMAGE COURTESY: Single Dupatta in V Shape –Weddings by Color Blind


#6 Belt it like Anushka

Yes! The latest trend in town. Belts are perfect pieces of designer cloth which helps to keep the dupatta in place. You don’t have to worry about whether the dupatta is falling off the shoulder and just enjoy your party.

IMAGE COURTESY: Belt it like Anushka – sabyasachiofficial


#7 Single Dupatta brought it back to front diagonally

Get your dupatta draped like this and swirl around. Bring from the back to the front over the right shoulder around your waist and pin it only at the left end. Leave the other end at loose. One swirl and twirl shot with such a drape would be memorable.

IMAGE COURTESY: Single dupatta brought from back to front diagonally over right shoulder to waist – Dot Dusk


#8 Double Dupatta – One Over the Head and the Other over the Shoulder

The Anushka’s trend! Not just one, but opt for two dupattas for your Lehenga. One drape it like the standard style on your right shoulder and bring it around your waist to the left. The other dupatta, drape it over your head. Get the royal queen look right away by draping in this style.

IMAGE COURTESY: Double dupatta- One over the head and then brought over shoulders – storiesbyjosephradhik

#9 Double Dupatta – Pleated & Styled like a Saree

You can also wear your one dupatta like a normal saree and the other one you can choose to pleat it perfectly and leave it casually on your right shoulder. Looks great your have monotone lehengas without contrasting dupattas.

IMAGE COURTESY: DD – one pleated on the side, the other worn like a saree  –Through the Barrel


#10 Single Dupatta pinned in Single Side

A very causal and easy way of draping the dupatta. If you love to flaunt your dupatta and feel comfortable holding it in one hand like a saree, this style would be best suited for you.