You are the Queen of the day! If you haven’t taken seriously and pampered yourself, now it’s the right time. Have your special treatment and show off the charisma of a Princess. You are the bride-to-be and you deserve every ounce of happiness and cuddling and enjoy your pre-wedding and wedding moments. You are the bride and these super cool and offbeat bridal accessories are going to add the glamor quotient to your bridal days.

#1 Personalized Coffee Mug

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee! Why not get a plain white mug and personalize with your name or label it as ‘bride’? Simple and easy yet makes it special.

IMAGE COURTESY: Coffee Mug – harleendeol7 – All You Need is Love & your cup of coffee


#2 Phone Case

Quite a cute accessory and used by all brides. Looks cool when selfies are captured by photographers. Do you have one? If not, time to buy.

IMAGE COURTESY: Phone Case – Case Factory – Dulhaniya in Conversation!!!


#3 Bride’s Notepad

A small personalized dairy for the bride to do her wedding planning and illustrate her important ideas and decisions. You can either buy it online or make one by yourself using DIY methods.


IMAGE COURTESY: Bride’s Notebook


#4 Clutch

A clutch is an integral part of a bridal accessory. It is even more fun when you personalize it with your name or label it with the bride or Mr & Mrs tags. A small visually appealing bag to keep your basic stuffs such as tissues, lipstick, pocket mirror, etc. You can also get it designed as per your wish.


IMAGE COURTESY: Clutch – Richard and Tara Photography – Tagged Clutches!



#5 Sash & Badges

Sash and badges for your perfect relations and your bride squad can make your guests and bridesmaids feel included in the wedding. Is your team bride badge & sash ready? If not get it done, right away!

IMAGE COURTESY: Badges & Sash –  Morvi Images – Bride Squad


#6 Pendants & Brooch

Let the world know which side you are – Team Bride or Team Groom! You can also have your name carved as a pendant or a brooch. Guess what, you can also have a bracelet designed with these tags.

IMAGE COURTESY: Personalised Pendants 1 – Eina Ahluwalia

#8 Bride’s Hanger

Isn’t this super cute and creative? Your own personalized hanger with future tags such as Mrs X or Bride-to-be or just bride. You can also use your date. Lovely adorable idea we can’t stop slavering over.


#9 Bridal Footwear

Monogramed footwear labels are the best accessory for your big day. Choose your label from a variety of ideas such as ‘bride-to-be’, or ‘I Do’, or ‘Dulhaniya’ etc. Design it as per your thoughts and personality.

IMAGE COURTESY: Footwear – 1plus1studio – Pataka Bride Mojris!

#10 Bridal Robe

It’s a rule to be followed by every bride – No Bridal Robe, No Makeup. Get yourself one of these super sexy bridal robes and boost your aura of being the bride.

IMAGE COURTESY: Bride Robe – Pooja Joseph Photography

You can also have super cool personalized bridal vanity bag, lingerie, saree pins, bridal outfit bags, luggage tags, cute eye mask, bride room board, bride’s flip flops, cushions etc. Think of anything you need on your wedding day, everything can be personalized. Get creative and gather your ideas to design your bridal accessories and enjoy your wedding to the most!