Which is the one spot at a wedding where you will find the most number of people huddled together? It has to be the bar! Having a great bartender is almost like knowing in advance that it’s going to be a night to remember. Bartending at weddings is no longer about simply mixing drinks, but it is about creating custom cocktails, custom menus, sourcing unique ingredients and so much more. We’ve curated a list of the best in the business for you to browse through, so let’s get right into it

1. Bar Mobile

Image Source: Bar Mobile

2. Drinq

Image Source: Drinq

3. Tulleho

Image Source: Tulleho

4. Ami Behram Shroff

Image Source: Ami Behram Shroff

5. The Wedding Bartenders

Image Source: The Wedding Bartenders

6. Flair Mania Bartending

Image Source: Flair Mania Bartending

7. Flairology - The Bar Company

Image Source: Flairology India

8. Mixologik

Image Source: Mixologik

9. Bar Square

Image Source: Bar Square India

10. Barwizard

Image Source: Barwizard